justkeep0nswimming asked: Do you ever feel grossed out when you watch the videos of some Bollywood songs? I feel like most of them just objectify women and it's specially annoying when I have to watch those movies with the family.... I feel like Bollywood wasn't like this 10 years ago :/

I mean, not really, but I was raised on MTV, BET, VH1, etc…so I’m pretty much desensitized to music video misogyny by now. I notice it, but nothing really shocks me anymore :/

But item songs, female objectification, sexual assault/harassment as a plot point, etc have been around for decades so I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say Bollywood wasn’t like this a decade ago. Sexuality is less coded now, and we’re also older and more aware of what’s going on in the present, so I’m sure that factors into why it’s so noticeable. 

I don’t think sexuality or love scenes or anything necessarily have to be awkward to watch with your family, like you can’t ignore those aspects of reality and there are some stories that require them to show things like that. But obviously you can show that without objectifying women or making the female audience extremely uncomfortable with how you’re depicting female characters.

Anonymous asked: Out of all these newcomers IF you had to say who's here for only a temporary time who would you choose? I mean i hope they all have successful careers but it is likely that it might not happen. Like i think many of us thought fardeen, zayed, vivek were the next big things but that didnt go anywhere. So if you had to chose out of all of the new guys including ranveer and tiger who would you say might not make it?

That’s true, you never know who’s going to blow it!

I’d say Tiger and Ayushmann for the guys. Maybe Yami, Vaani, and Ileana for the girls? But people who are A-list right now could very well disappear in five years, anything is possible.

Anonymous asked: Just watched your blogs namesake ep after ages and DP just really annoyed me, esp given her recent interactions with RK. I remembered it as just the condoms thing but it was way more! She was astoundingly immature, literally made faces when he came on screen. I respect standing your ground, like Ash w Salman but then don't go on to work with him n pretend like you never said those bitter things. Its embarrassing she's like the Bwood Taylor Swift lol, I think I've figured out why I don't like her

I feel like I’ve had this conversation fifteen thousand times already and it never seems to make a difference.

First of all, I have no patience for people who bitch about Deepika sounding bitter and immature on KWK fresh after she was cheated on, but who see no problem with Ranbir’s behavior the very next episode when he spouted his “Low Battery” bullshit. I’m sorry anon, you’re entitled to your opinion but I’m never going to see things from your perspective. She was betrayed in a very serious relationship, who cares if she makes faces at him when he comes onscreen? He made a fool of her, he deserved at least a little ridicule. End of story. Also, please don’t compare their equation to Aish and Salman’s. That was an abusive relationship, it’s COMPLETELY different.

I agree that the way DP and RK milk their past history for publicity is annoying, but people seem to forget that years had passed between the time she made those ~bitter~ comments and the time they decided to work together. Obviously, you’re going to be upset right after a breakup. Three years later, it’s not unusual to be able to look past that and have some sort of cordial relationship with your ex. It’s REALLY not that weird that they’re able to work together.

And I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about re: “that anti-feminist horror story”. If you really are a feminist, you’ll recognize someone’s right to do whatever the hell they want with their body. Do I think it’s dumb to tattoo your boyfriend’s initials on your neck? Yes. Do I respect her right to make her own decisions about whether or not to remove it because it’s HER body? Yes. That’s feminism. I just find it funny because this whole message is pretty anti-feminist?

I do not understand why any of this continues to be an issue, or why Deepika is the one that gets all the hate for the situation even though it’s a two-way street. It is a complete mystery to me. I’m not saying she’s above criticism but all the things you’ve said are so unfair to her. It continues to blow my mind how Ranbir is the one who got out of this situation unscathed while people are still mad at Deepika for something she said FOUR years ago about a boyfriend who treated her badly. I just…don’t get it. Sorry.

Anonymous asked: i'm conflicted about something- maybe you can help me compose my thoughts? Some people thought Barfi! was overrated. I think (?) that some scenes were copied from other movies. Priyanka was brilliant, Ranbir showed his stuff, and Ileana was just so beautiful in her role. So, I'm a bit confused because on one hand I was upset it had copied stuff, on the other hand it was a brilliant show of talent. Your thoughts?

Hmmm! Yes, some scenes were copied. A lot of the schticks were taken from Old Hollywood films, and you could probably pass those off as a homage to the silent film era, where physical comedy was obviously a really important component of storytelling.

But then they took scenes from movies like The Notebook and it was sort of just…really unnecessary and uninspired. There were other problems with the movie (pacing, too many plot lines going at once, etc), but in general I think it was still a really enjoyable watch. I could look past the plagiarism because hey, if you enjoy a movie then that’s what counts, right?

But when you start sending a plagiarized movie to festivals or lobbying for it to go to the Oscars, you lose a lot of integrity points. And people in the film industry generating original content that was overshadowed by the Barfi machine had every right to be a little pissed. I think that anger just means you care about the art of it and the integrity of the industry? But that doesn’t mean that the audience can’t enjoy a movie like Barfi. You can think something has problems and still really like it. I mean, I really like it, even though I complain about the plagiarized bits, and I don’t feel at all conflicted about that lol

Anonymous asked: Hi guys! Quick question. If you could go on a dinner date with any bollywood celeb besides karan ofc, who'd it be and if you get to choose dessert for the two of you to share what would ypu choose???! Ty have a nice day!(:

lol what makes you think we’d want to go on a dinner date with Karan? :P

I’d probably say Big B. Obviously your first instinct would be to pick either an actor you have a crush on or maybe even your favorite actress, but as far as people I’d actually like to make conversation with, I think he’d be extremely interesting. He’s really well-spoken and he’s lived such a long and interesting life, I think it’d be cool to just observe him as he spoke (also, his voice is so soothing!). He’s probably one of, if not THE biggest movie star in the world, so how many people get to brag about hanging out with him?

Oh, and we’d have tiramisu. Because I like tiramisu. Big B will just have to deal with it.

Anonymous asked: Loveeeee your patience towards answering all types of questions! :) :) What did you make of Pari and Alia's awkwardness around the Sona-Shahid gossip in their kwk ep? Karan said "on record, they are not dating." So do you think off-record something else is happening between them? They are supposedly headlining a dance concert in London this August after denying all those linkups.

Thank you!

The way I read the situation is, Alia and Parineeti were gossiping about Sonakshi and Shahid during a commercial break, and Karan basically outed them for doing so when the cameras started rolling. It sounded like the girls were speculating about whether or not they were actually dating, and Karan said that for the record, he’s heard they aren’t dating (when you say “on the record” or “for the record”, it doesn’t always mean ~officially~, sometimes it means more like…fyi).

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe they’re dating. Not that they wouldn’t make a really cute couple, I just don’t think you go on a chat show with your girlfriend and talk about all the hookups you have in Goa.

Anonymous asked: whats ur least favorite episode out of all seasons

There are a lot of them that are just totally irrelevant, like the one with Shobhaa De. I remember being really irritated by her. A lot of them, I just forget they even exist lol like I have to go to Wikipedia to remind myself of some of the more obscure episodes.

This past season, my standout least favorite episode was definitely the Mahesh Bhatt/Emraan Hashmi episode. It irked me for reasons both rational and irrational.

Anonymous asked: Do you do inki pinki ponki po while selecting which amongst the zillion questions (that you get in your inbox ) to answer?

I basically scroll down through the messages until my fingers get tired, then pick a question. Obviously a really efficient method.

Anonymous asked: I've seen many bwood movies where the guy falls for the girl only to find out that she has a fiancee, a husband, etc. It always ends with the hero getting his way "winning" the girl from the first guy. And I can't believe that strong women want to play these roles! Maybe I'm overreacting- but I find that s-e-x-i-s-t.

I don’t think that’s only true of Bollywood movies, that’s a pretty common trope in Hollywood as well. They’re at the church, and the guy gets there just in time for the priest to ask if anyone objects, and he takes off with the girl.

It’s actually really annoying though because it always feels like the girl is property the guys are fighting over, like one guy shows up and is just like, “Hand over my woman!” and everyone gasps in horror. It’s especially awful when you know from the beginning that the girl doesn’t want to marry Guy #1 but she’s going to go through with it anyway until Guy #2 comes and reclaims her. For a change, it’d be nice if the women ditched the fiances/husbands themselves without a third party coming in and basically making the decision for them? I mean….? It’s like women are just doormats that allow themselves to be walked all over until a man shows up and paves the way to happily ever after. Meh. 

Anonymous asked: Could you please explain the whole process of how actors get paid when they are doing movie, if you do?

I’m not sure it’s the same for every movie, because a lot of actors seem to basically work on credit. Like, supposedly SRK doesn’t take his promised paycheck until his movie recoups the cost of its budget, in which case he wouldn’t get paid until well after his work on the film is done (also, he and other big stars often do certain roles for free).

Then there are actors who might get paid like 10 cr upfront, but sign a contract to take a certain percentage of the profits of the film, so they end up making 50+ cr on a really successful movie. Those are the guys who are confident their name is enough to sell a film, so it’s not exactly a “risk” to go the profit-sharing route (that’s also the reason most actresses don’t sign profit-sharing contracts).

But I would imagine that, for the most part, actors/actresses sign a contract for a flat sum, and they get paid a certain amount before filming starts and the rest when they finish filming? That’d be my guess, at least.

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on Tabu?

She’s lovely <3

Anonymous asked: Please answer this for me?? In season 2, Farah said that Karan make his movies for the NRIs? Why do you think he (supposedly) does this? And why does Farah seemed to be against it?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a conscious decision on his part, just something that…happens. When you think about it, Karan probably identifies more with wealthy NRIs than he does with middle class Indians or those living below the poverty line. I don’t mean to say that he’s any “less” Indian than anyone else, but his films certainly idealize wealth and, specifically, wealthy NRIs. Plus, his films contain a healthy dose of escapism, and showing Indians flourishing wildly in foreign countries that previously oppressed/colonized them is part of that. I mean if you’ll notice, there usually aren’t many “good” Westerners in Karan’s movies. Plus, almost all of his films star SRK, who is seen as the Khan of the upper middle class and NRI audience.

There’s also a lot of financial benefit that comes from making films that appeal to NRIs. Ticket prices are higher in foreign countries. I don’t remember what I paid to see movies in Mumbai, but it certainly wasn’t the $13 per ticket I pay in New York. So if Indian movies do well overseas, you stand to potentially gain a few million more in profit. So there are specific pockets filmmakers target internationally because they know there are large NRI populations living there and/or Indian films are really popular there (like in Russia lol).

I don’t think Farah is necessarily against it per se, but she definitely makes a different kind of cinema than Karan. She embraces the masala aspects of Hindi cinema, whereas Karan doesn’t really make those kinds of films. I think she was just pulling his leg, though.

Anonymous asked: You dislike kareena, I understand why! But why do you dislike Kajol and Alia? Kajol can be annoying at times I know but still? And Alia? I don't think she has done to deserve your hatred like wtf? It's like you'll be hating every actress which is supported by Karan, I'm sorry but it's very stupid of you! :\

Why ???? do you think you have the right ???? to tell me who to like and who not to like and for what reason ???? are you my mother ????

We gif every single one of those women. We take requests on all of them. That’s all you need to know, the rest is quite frankly none of your business.

Anonymous asked: Aditya roy kapur's only one lead movie old and he's already being hyped up and I don't have any expectations from daawat e ishq. What do you feel about all the hype about him, do you think he will really last for a long time?

Honestly, the way he came up in the industry makes me respect him so much more than people who got huge star launches (which I’m sure he could have gotten, given who his brother is) and were painful to watch in their first few solo movies. Aditya started out doing supporting roles with big stars and managed to distinguish himself, which says a lot about him. Now, he has one 100 crore film under his belt and some promising projects in the works (Daawat-E-Ishq looks cute but I’m particularly looking forward to Fitoor).

He’s charming, he’s super cute, he seems like a nice guy with no ego…so yeah, I’m rooting for him. And he’s extremely well-connected so I see no reason why he wouldn’t have just as much of a shot at making it as Varun, Sidharth, or any of the other newbies.