Anonymous asked: Do you sometimes find the double standard reactions people have really annoying? Like, I get so mad when an actor like Abhishek Bachchan who is always so self-deprecating & kind says one tiny bit of truthful praise about himself, and everyone gets angry calling him arrogant and elitist, whereas other not as well spoken and not as considerate actors who have huge fanbases can say any stupid arrogant thing and they're prided on their "self confidence"? Idk, sorry to vent, but that pisses me off.

Yeah, the reaction to his episode and the part where he said that Ranveer was hungry for attention (and immediately clarified that he meant that in a GOOD way) absolutely blew my mind. Abhishek is unfailingly polite, self-deprecating, uncomplaining, and good-humored. It’s fine if you don’t like him as an actor, but how ANYONE can watch him and decide he’s arrogant or elitist or entitled is beyond me, especially when I can think of like ten people off the top of my head who are absolutely insufferable yet praised for their ~honesty and confidence~.

I feel really bad for him. I know he wouldn’t be in the industry if not for his father, but at the same time, he’ll never step out of his father’s shadow and he’s going to spend the rest of his life trying to prove himself. At the very least, give him credit for his attitude and personality? 

donteverletanyonedullyoursparkle asked: Aish's comeback movie is titled Jazbaa alongside John Abraham? I hope this is legit bc like, god damn! can the lead cast get any more good looking? (also I've never really seen u talk about John but even tho he's not (as u said "super successful" which I agree!) I think he's an incredible actor & is apparently playing a "gangster/thug" type of role which suits him IMO. I'm pumped for this movie lol.. Hbu? Can't wait for it to be 100% confirmed. (Unless it already is......)

Supposedly, it will star Aishwarya, John Abraham, and Irrfan Khan in the leads. Aish and John are confirmed, Irrfan’s just been announced. I know it’s a remake of a foreign film (not sure which one), that it’s being produced by a Hollywood studio, and that the director of Kahaani is writing the script. So it sounds pretty promising! John and Irrfan are two actors I’ve wanted to see her work with, and it seems like they’re really putting a lot of effort into this film, so I’m excited to see how it turns out!

(I wouldn’t hold my breath for much romance though, I think it’s going to be an action film through and through.)

pyaripyarizindagi asked: Do you guys think that, in general, celeb couples in Bollywood are more secretive about their relationships (pre-marriage) than celeb couples in Hollywood? I don't pay much attention to a lot of Hwood gossip, so maybe I'm wrong here, but I was thinking about couples like Blake/Ryan or Andrew/Emma and how open they seem compared to like a DeepVeer or Shraditya, who still make the claim that they're not together. I know part of it is cultural, but I just find it interesting.

Definitely. And I’m sure a lot of it is cultural, there’s a lot of judgment placed on people (especially women) who have had relationships prior to marriage. There’s also the idea that being single is somehow better for your career? Again, that applies more to women than to men. 

But I really don’t see the point in hiding your relationships, unless you’re REALLY going to try to keep it under wraps. Doing everything a couple would do but not admitting to it is just silly. If everyone knows you’re dating, that relationship is going to become a talking point for the rest of your life whether you like it or not. Deepika and Ranbir admitted to their relationship, while Deepveer/Rankat won’t just come out and say it. Does it actually give them any more privacy? No. Do they even have plausible deniability at this point? Not really. If they break up, it’s still going to be a part of their dating history anyway, so….?

And then you have couples like Rani and Aditya Chopra who really aren’t that interesting to begin with, but by hiding their relationship for so long, every time they step out together it becomes news. If they just admitted to it in the first place, no one would care. 

I kind of feel like Kareena had the right idea about relationships. If you’re going to date someone for years on end, you might as well just admit to it because everyone’s going to find out anyway and you’re going to look mighty stupid lying about it.

rogue-rebel asked: spent literally hours on this blog. :') Oh how I looove koffe with karan

Thank you, we’re pretty fond of it too <3

Anonymous asked: How much do you think katerina earns? I cant imagine its alot and after converting her income to the british pound it leaves her without much i would presume...

Between films, events, and endorsements, I’m sure she earns in the millions. So what’s your definition of “a lot”?

Anonymous asked: What's the relationship between Rani, Kajol, and Ayan? Are they all first cousins?

Okay so it’s a little confusing, I THINK Kajol and Ayan are first cousins (their fathers are brothers), while Rani’s grandfather was Kajol and Ayan’s great uncle?

It is a very large family lol 

Anonymous asked: so deepika debuted in 2007 opposite shahrukh in om shanit om, Anushka debuted in 2008 opposite shahrukh in rab ne bana di jodi, Deepika was lauded with praise whilst Anushka didnt bag many awards an was not very noticed. Do you attribute this to the quality of the film? or the quality of the actress?

Anushka got a fair bit of praise as well, though? I mean, RDBDJ was a big hit. Deepika’s only debutante competition that year was Sonam, but Saawariya flopped badly. Anushka had to compete with Asin, and Ghajini was a commercial and critical success (and I mean, look where Anushka is now in comparison to Asin).

Anushka has only had seven releases, while Deepika has had seventeen (not counting special appearances). Before Deepika had her ~super successful~ year, Anushka probably had a more credible film to hit ratio than Deepika did, and certainly received more critical appreciation.

Not to say that Deepika doesn’t deserve her success or anything, but she’s been very lucky recently. Om Shanti Om didn’t exactly catapult her into superstardom, it took her awhile. Anushka has done considerably less work and has still been really successful. Aside from debuting with SRK, their trajectories have been really different.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I know this isn't related to koffee with karan, but i need an outlet to vent my saddness! THE FRONT ROW IS OVER!! I'm so upset, Anupama Chopra's opinion really matters to me and I love watching her show every week, I'm so sad to see this show go! :( yeah ok rant done, i'm gonna go cry now...

I’m sad it’s over too, BUT…just in case you guys missed it, Anupama has a new project called filmcompanion. You can find her video reviews/interviews/master classes on Tumblr, Twitter, or her Youtube channel. So not all is lost!

mahnoormomz asked: What are your thoughts on Bombay velvet getting shifted for a May 2015 release ? I mean I was really excited for Bombay velvet and now this :( and plus it's almost been 2 years since we've seen anushka on screen and I really hope she has some significant role in pk

I think it doesn’t bode well for the film? Usually delays mean something’s wrong (of course, they’ll tell you something about how post-production work isn’t finished yet, but usually they’re trying to rework the movie in the editing room/possibly add reshoots before they release the film).

But if it’s what’s best for the movie and they think it’ll improve the product, it’s good they’re waiting and working on it more. I just feel kind of bad that the schedule of the cast’s other releases is now screwed up /domino effect

Anonymous asked: what do you think about Deepika saying that she'll do ANY movie with/for SRK & Farah Khan no matter what the story & the payment is?

I mean, if she wants to sell herself short like that, that’s her business. But it ain’t cute.

Anonymous asked: I'm starting to really like Zoya after KWK but especially after Bombay Talkies. I really do think she has a vision and she attended NY film academy and has credibility that other directors maybe have through experience?

I could go on and on about how much I loved Zoya’s short in Bombay Talkies. She definitely skews towards the mainstream, but she’s capable of telling really entertaining stories that have layers to them but don’t beat you over the head with a ~social message~, and I love that. I love that she makes ensemble films. I wish she wrote her female characters better, buuut other than that…I think she takes her job seriously, and I can’t say that about a lot of other directors who are obviously just out to turn a profit, not to actually produce a good film. 

And as for studying film academically…it’s not a necessity, but it doesn’t hurt? It forces you to look at films critically and I cannot stand it when people proudly announce they watch nothing but Bollywood, they don’t watch international cinema, they don’t read (*cough*Karan Johar*cough*)…because that’s how you learn. You have this huge international community of storytellers and you don’t utilize that resource. It’s stupid. Zoya is a star kid who could easily just rest on that for the remainder of her career, but if she’s making efforts to continually better herself, then more power to her.

Anonymous asked: Regarding your previous post about ranveer doing kaminey, I totally agree that shahid was brilliant and NOW I can't see anyone else in those roles. But if I had been following bollywood back in 2007 and after watching jab we met I had been told that guy would be doing those roles, there is NO WAY I would have thought he could pull it off. Even shahid said so, vishal saw something in him no one else did. So are you basing your opinion on talent or "I can't picture it"?

Obviously hindsight is 20/20, so no one can rewind to the point before Shahid did Kaminey and make this comparison. But I’m basing my opinion on what the role was and what Ranveer has demonstrated so far. The question isn’t whether or not Ranveer is talented…the question is, would he have brought something to that role that Shahid couldn’t? And I don’t think he could have. Would he have pulled it off? Probably, but that doesn’t mean he could do the role better than it was already done.

It ends up being a pointless discussion because the movie has already been made and no one can know for sure what would have happened if it’d been made with someone else. But I can’t find fault with Shahid’s performance, it was his film all the way.

Anonymous asked: To each their own about divorce it isn't a bad word, but has there been any reason why Amir split with Reena? They remain very civil and kind to each other. And a marriage dissolving is never one single person's fault, but do you think Kiran had anything to do with it?

Well there were rumors he cheated during his first marriage (I don’t know how true they are, 90s gossip is like a black hole), so I suppose it could have been that, or maybe it just…didn’t work out. There doesn’t always have to be a reason.

Whatever happened, I’m almost positive Kiran wasn’t involved. First of all, Aamir supposedly had an affair with a British journalist that resulted in the birth of a love child in between his relationship with Reena and his relationship with Kiran. Obviously, I can’t say whether or not that’s actually true, but there was at least a sizable time period where he could have been involved with other people. Second, Kiran seems to have a great relationship with Reena and with Aamir’s older children. They all seem like they have a lot of respect for each other. It’s hard to believe that type of relationship would be possible if your ex-husband’s new wife was the woman he cheated on your with/left you for. So yeah, I think the Aamir x Kiran relationship is on the up and up lol

Anonymous asked: This was a topic that came up a while ago but I hope you can still answer. You said you think Ranveer-DP are "milking" the relationship more than Ranbir-Kat who seem to want to maintain more privacy. To me it seems like there are a lot more articles in the press about the latter - about them moving in/impending marriage and they are seen plenty together visiting friends (Ayan/KJo). I don't really see a difference between the two couples tbh.

I think they both use their personal lives to their advantage. The difference is that DP and Ranveer did it while promoting a movie, which made it 500x more irritating. I did say to wait until Jagga Jasoos promotions start, because Ranbir and Katrina might pull the same stuff. 

But it just gets so old when people give interviews accepting their relationship, then turn around and deny it, then play coy like they don’t even know what you’re talking about, then turn around and start the whole accepting/denying cycle all over again. I expect there to be a ton of articles about all of them, they’re young, hot celebs and that’s just the nature of celebrity gossip. But when the words are coming out of your own mouth, don’t turn around and behave as though you want your privacy. Talk about it or don’t. But when you play hot and cold like that, it just seems like every word out of your mouth is BS designed to keep you in the news (which, lbr, it probably is…but you don’t have to be so obvious about it).

Idk, I just find the whole thing tacky.