Anonymous asked: Was deepika really dumb enough to believe that ranbir/Ayaan were her best friends? Or did she just play into it and say those things as an "eff you" to ranbir to make his life difficult? Idk what makes you guys think she wasn't a willing participant in this charade? Her PR is pretty intense.

I think people believe that she didn’t know it was a charade because after the movie released, she was still talking about their friendship while Ranbir denied being close to her and said he’d “act opposite a five-year-old boy” (ew?) if Ayan asked him to. It just seemed like he and Ayan really manipulated the situation.

Anonymous asked: the ranbir-ayan-deeika friendship was def for publicity, but it really seemed like deepika believed it was true and that's really sad. it's as if she only realised that they don't really think that much of her way after the film released.

It is sad…but then she started saying things like “Whoever he dates or marries is going to have to deal with our friendship” and commenting on Katrina’s Ibiza pics…and I think she really overstepped boundaries there. So even if I feel bad that she bought into that little stunt, I still think she didn’t do herself any favors by sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong.

I just really wish DP and Ranbir would stay away from each other, but that’s just me.

Anonymous asked: Ranbir & Katrina, Shahid & Sonakshi, Ranveer & Deepika, Aditya & Shraddha, Arjun & Alia, Siddharth & Parineeti, Varun & Ileana those are people I want to see get married ! Cute couple agree?

Anonymous asked: Is it just me, or is Rani Mukherji starting to look old? I mean, like, just out of the blue, she seems to have aged, and badly at that. I love her to pieces- don't get me wrong. Did she get ill or something?

I don’t really know what you’re talking about? As in, I don’t see a difference in the way she looks lately. But then I don’t remember the last time I saw her out and about, tbh.

I feel like she’s always looked old. Not old as in elderly, but old as in the same way that Vidya looks…like, old-fashioned. To me, even when she was young she looked old (again, not meant as an insult).

But as for her aging badly, I haven’t noticed anything like that. She looks the same as she always has, at least since I last saw her?

Anonymous asked: I hear this term thrown around a lot : production house. What exactly does Karan mean when he talks about a production house? And what does Karan do when he's a producer of a film?

A production house is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a production company that finances films. A lot of big production houses also do their own distribution and take care of everything in-house, like hiring screenwriters, signing actors, roping in directors, choosing scripts to be made into films, etc. 

A producer like Karan secures a film’s financing and supervises the creative process, as well. They also might take over a film that’s already been made, like Karan/Dharma Productions did with The Lunchbox. This isn’t a bad thing, since big production houses can afford to finance big media campaigns for movies that they believe have commercial potential but don’t have the finances to get the film out there themselves. In exchange for a producer’s help, the producer might take a percentage of the smaller film’s profits.

And because a production house like Dharma or Yash Raj has such a distinct image, someone like Karan or Aditya Chopra would be involved in every aspect of a film’s making. Basically, as the producers, they control everything. A lot of the time, they have final say on even the creative stuff that you’d think the director would be in charge of. Because ultimately the film is being made on their dime and production houses stand to lose the most money if the film tanks. 

So that’s kind of why films that aren’t directed by KJo are referred to as KJo movies (like Kal Ho Naa Ho, for example). As the producer and one of the most influential people in the industry, he has his hand in every aspect of everything he puts the name ‘Dharma Productions’ on.

Anonymous asked: Your favorite episode of this season? Mine would be Ranveer and Arjun's.

I don’t think I have a favorite. I have like, categories. Good Episodes, Mediocre Episodes, and Boring Episodes.

I guess Ranveer and Arjun’s fall under the Good Episode heading, even though they were a little too hyper for my taste.

Anonymous asked: As an Aish fan I was pretty pissed when Emraan called her plastic BUT I don't think he meant it in the way people (even me) thought he meant it... He also said he wants to steal her from Abhi so .. Idk why people are making it such a big deal :/ whatevs im glad Aish didnt come on .. Because this season sucked!!! Too precious to be on this "now sucky" show

Does it really matter how he meant it? I mean, you can’t be liked by everyone, and as fans you have to consider the source. It’s Koffee with Karan, everyone takes a few hits now and then. As adults, we can choose to ignore it instead of fighting about it or taking it personally (because no matter how much you love a celebrity, at the end of the day attacks against them are not attacks against you).

This season did suck, but she’s also not the best person to be a KWK guest. I think the “suckiness” of the show depends on Karan and what he’s able to get out of his guests, and this season it seems he gave a half-hearted effort at best.

Laying Down the Law

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite episode of all time?

Abhi and Preity, season one!

Anonymous asked: I just really want an episode of kwk next season where someone just bitches about Sonam for the whole episode. I can then die in peace haha

Really? That’s…kind of sad.

Anonymous asked: People think that srk didn't come on the show bc salman was on the first episode, and that he got all mad. Do you all think that's true?

No, not at all. IF there’s any friction between SRK and Karan (and that’s a big ‘if’), it probably traces back to the PC rumors. Because Karan is closer to Gauri Khan than he is to SRK.

Anonymous asked: Do you get paid for running this popular blog?

If we did, I would be on here much more often.

happietimes asked: I've just discovered this account and it is AMAZING, keep up the good work guys!! Xx

Thank you! <3

Anonymous asked: Isn't Aditya with Shraddha??

Supposedly! and dare I say hopefully? they’re cute

Anonymous asked: Aish = definition of a superstar. So always politically correct. Parineeti should start taking lessons from her. and alia -__- these newbies are starting to pisss me off

Whether you think she’s a superstar or not, diplomacy and political correctness isn’t something that should be looked down upon. I see so many people in this fandom applaud actors/actresses for their “honesty” because somehow that means they’re ~not fake~, but in my opinion, that’s BS. Diplomacy is a sign of maturity. It’s an indication that you realize your words as a celebrity hold weight, and you have to use those words responsibly. These so-called honest celebrities’ mouths get them into trouble because they don’t think before they speak, and they end up making major screw ups that surprisingly few people seem to care about.

It’s human to say things that are out of line sometimes, but there’s a reason Hollywood stars undergo media training before they’re sent out into the world of celebritydom. You owe it to your fans to conduct yourself a certain way, and a lot of the younger crowd (and, lbr, the older crowd as well) don’t seem to get that. Maybe because they feel entitled to fame, I don’t know. But as someone who studies media and its affects, it offends me deeply that so few people seem to care about this stuff.