Anonymous asked: Isn't it plain ironic that she wasn't a fan of homosexuality yet she finds Deepika hoooot?

Well, she did say hypothetically. That doesn’t mean she can’t be homophobic in reality.

Anonymous asked: Not that I agree with Aditya Chopra forcing women to lose weight, etc, but if you were at the head of a powerhouse film production company that partly depended on the image of the actor/actress, would you do something else? Take them as is and just see what happens? Just curious. Also, I believe Karan Johar did the same with Alia Bhatt.

I get what you’re saying, and I do think that people in his position have to keep things like that in mind, but does this sound acceptable to you? You’ve decided to put your faith in this actress anyway because you believe in her talent, but you find it necessary to tell a 19-year-old girl that despite all that, you want to make sure she knows that you don’t find her good-looking?

There are so many ways to handle a position like that that doesn’t include potentially destroying the self-esteem of young kids. And it’s adding insult to injury that this is coming from a guy who isn’t the slightest bit attractive himself.

Also, it’s like…I think Indian cinema was doing just fine before the size zero craze set in and every woman’s looks and body were under a microscope. Like, something tells me that if Madhubala walked into Adi Chopra’s office today, he’d tell her she was too fat and to come back when she lost 20 pounds. So yeah, with all that taken into account, I do not feel bad about someone taking him to task for HIS looks and oddball lifestyle. Nope, not one bit.

Anonymous asked: heyy. I love this blog, you guys are doing a great job on it. So, I've been wondering what your thoughts on deepika and ranbirs relationship are. Like I really love the two, but I can never really understand what's going on between them. Earlier on when the two were in a relationship, I felt like despite was really involved, but ranbir wasn't very serious and now that they've broken up, I still feel like deepikas not completely over it. Also, what do you think about Katrina and ranbir?

Uh, from what I gathered….

What happened was they were in a very serious relationship for a couple years. His family didn’t seem to approve of her. He cheated on her multiple times. One of those times might have been with Katrina. He denied cheating on her, then later admitted to it. DP openly spoke out about him and their relationship after it was over, but then they ~became friends again~ except it was probably just for YJHD publicity. I don’t think they’re actually friends, but that’s up for conjecture. And yes, I think Deepika still isn’t completely over it (she actually spoke rather eloquently about it on KWK and why that might be). And now Ranbir’s with Katrina, with whom he had an on and off again relationship with for a while now. I think they’re pretty serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up married, although his father has spoken pretty disrespectfully about her as well so who really knows what’s going on there.

And as for what I think about Katrina and Ranbir, it’s like…I think Ranbir is probably a really fun guy, and I think he’s a talented guy, but I don’t think he’ll make a good husband. I don’t think he’ll be faithful. Then again, Katrina DID date Salman, who is a serial cheater by his own admission, so maybe she can live with that. All I know is that the entire Kapoor family has a very poor track record when it comes to women and fidelity. Just like, as a woman, I want more for my fellow women than to be married to guys that don’t treat them right, and I think Katrina seems like a sweetheart, so in a way I hope she finds someone else. BUT if they end up having and open relationship type of deal and they do get married and they’re happy with that arrangement, who are we to judge?

And then there’s Deepika and Katrina, and I think there’s a lot of tension there. So I guess it’s cool that DP and RK are professional enough to work together, but I could also see that work equation go south pretty quickly if Deepika keeps releasing statements about how his future girlfriends/wife will ~just have to deal with their friendship~ because I think any girlfriend would be rubbed the wrong way by that type of cattiness (even if the jabs are deserved).

Aaaaaand that’s pretty much it. That’s all I know/have concluded from the situation. Tbh I think the whole story is REALLY played out and I hope all parties move on because another five years of this drama is nagl.

Anonymous asked: Would you mind if I use some of your GIFs in my (wordpress) blog? (With due credit, of course.) :)

Nope, go ahead!

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Anonymous asked: I've noticed that a lot of people come on here and talk about how awesome Kareena's acting ability is. I have to be honest, I don't get it! I'm not trying to spread hate and this is a genuine question that maybe you can answer since you tend to give unbiased answers: why do you think people like her so much and what is it about her acting ability that appeals to so many people? Did I maybe miss something? Because I don't see it...

I always felt the same way but I think that in her defense, when she started her career, she was doing a mix of commercial movies and art movies. So she might give a bad performance in a bad commercial movie, but she had artsier films that she was doing and she gave good performances in them, so people credited her as a good actress. Early on in her career, her work method was just to do ALL the films (which she admitted to on KWK).

But then after Jab We Met, she had critical and commercial appreciation and I think she just got really lazy. Like, she’s given comments about how she just wants to look pretty and do song and dance numbers. So her career graph after that wasn’t nearly as varied and you saw her doing a lot of bad roles in bad films, giving what some of us at least think were really bad performances. 

So I don’t think it’s necessarily a lack of talent, it’s a lack of effort. She does films for friends, she chooses films based on who’s in them, she doesn’t read scripts. So there might be a great actress in there but she became more interested in being commercially successful.

I don’t have any qualms about questioning her talent because I don’t think she’s really interested in proving it right now. But that could change in the future, because eventually she’ll come up against the same glass ceiling all actresses hit when they’re too ~old~ to play the arm candy and they begin to focus on doing better films, not just getting big paychecks and winning the rat race.

Anonymous asked: Is Aditya really interesting or something? Cause dayum... he ugly

I was thinking this was too mean to publish, but then I remembered he’s the guy who forces actresses to lose crazy amounts of weight for his movie and he told Anushka Sharma she wasn’t attractive so screw it, you’re right.

I hope if they have any daughters he doesn’t pass those values on to them.

Anonymous asked: wasnt aditya chopra legally married until recently? i thought that was the reason they waited so long

They definitely started dating before he was formally divorced, but I think his divorce became official a couple years ago? Idk, it seems like even the people close to them didn’t really understand the status of their relationship or the secrecy behind all of it, and I don’t know better than them, so I don’t want to draw any conclusions about why it took them so long lol

Anonymous asked: Why does Rani have to be sooooooooo secretive? What point is she trying to make here?

I don’t think it’s her that wants to be secretive, I think it’s Aditya Chopra. He’s like the most private person in the industry, for god knows what reason.

Anonymous asked: I hope this question isn´t too trivial but since Rani Mukhereji and Aditya Chopra got married today, everybody went like "omg finally" and I don´t really get it. I know that it seems to have taken forever for her to get married (I get her bc why the rush) but have they been together for long?

It’s been quite awhile! Some people think it’s been going on since KANK was filming but I don’t know about that. It seems like it’s been a good five or six years though, so yeah, it was a rather long courtship (especially since they never publicly admitted to it).

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Anonymous asked: Hi, don't consider this hate, because I'm actually a fan of your blog. Just an opinion,maybe observation. You go gaga over the Bachchans, and criticise the Kapoors always, but you realise how halfway-there you sound? I pretty much hate all Kapoors alive at a personal level, but the B's aren't so easy off either. There's been stories and stories about Jaya Bachchan's notoreity lol and if RK and KKK are products of nepotism, then what's Abhishek?And let's face it, the former are MUCH better actors

He’s a product of nepotism. What makes you think I would deny that? In fact, I’ve personally made a gifset of him on KWK saying how much easier star kids have it. I don’t consider this hate but like…..what makes you think the same standards wouldn’t apply to him, and Hrithik, and Farhan, and all the other star kids I like? I’m not even like, a fangirl for their family as a whole, so….? I kind of feel like you’re putting words in my mouth, which bothers me.

(and as previously stated, I find KKK’s talent vastly overrated, so we’ll have to agree to disagree there)

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Anonymous asked: No. I was speaking of only one very big Kapoor family that is the one with Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh Kapoor, Karisma Kapoo, Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor and they are all (most of them anyways) very very successful x

Well, yeah. They’re each other’s sons and daughters. That’s nepotism at work lol

But there are other Kapoor families as well, and they’re totally separate entities.

Anonymous asked: So many Kapoor's in Bollywood ohmy are they one big family that is jut very successful?? Clearly

No lol

There are the Kapoors that descend directly from Prithviraj Kapoor, which includes Shashi and Shammi Kapoor, Rishi and Randhir Kapoor, all the way down to Ranbir, Kareena, and Karisma Kapoor.

Then there’s the Kapoors who descend directly from Surinder Kapoor, whose children were Boney, Sanjay, and Anil Kapoor. That’s the Kapoor family Sonam and Arjun belong to.

Then there’s Shahid Kapoor (who I believe used to spell his last name ‘Kapur’) and his father, Pankaj Kapur.

And now there are the Roy Kapurs. Siddharth Roy Kapur is the head honcho at UTV, and his brothers Kunal Roy Kapur and Aditya Roy Kapur, and they also come from a filmi family.

Kapoor/Kapur is just a very common surname lol and considering so many of the descendants of these families end up in showbiz, Bollywood is crowded with them.

Anonymous asked: Why are you lashing out on the entire Kapoor family? Even if you're just being "honest" that's pretty unclassy and unnecessary. Just saying.

Well let me call them up and see if I hurt their feelings.

Anonymous asked: What did Kareena mean when she said "Never again" in your last gif of her? Love your blog btw :)

She means she’ll never try to be a size zero again. And thanks!