Anonymous asked: isnt it so hypocritical how deepika once blamed katrina that she shouldve been "careful from the media" when katrina's bikini pics leaked but when it comes to her privacy being invaded, she went all ham on TOI? like kudos to her for standing up and all but i thought it was such a bitch move to say the opposite for kat but act so victim-like on her part. this is why her reaction seems so fake considering she doesn't wish the same on other females? that's not true women empowerment tbh

It’s not hypocritical because it’s not the same thing at all. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re a celebrity photographed on a public beach.

Having someone shove a camera down your dress and go, Look, boobies! is an entirely different issue. It is reasonable to expect more than exploitation and objectification from one the country’s leading newspapers.

Deepika probably shouldn’t have commented on the Katrina thing, but that doesn’t mean she’s wrong now. What happened to Katrina was absolutely not an issue of female empowerment, it was about paparazzi culture, and I sincerely hope you can see the difference.

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Anonymous asked: what is up with there being some kind of lawsuit against every second film that releases? most recently, the aamir poster of pk is getting taken to court because its QUOTE "vulgar and obscene and has the tendency to corrupt the minds of the people." i didn't think there was anything vulgar about the poster!

It’s just a platform for uber-conservatives to have their voices heard. There’s no merit to any of these lawsuits but they always make headlines, don’t they? -___-

Anonymous asked: I love reading about all the 'no homo' reactions all the guys on the show went through this season to Karan's gunpoint question. I think the question itself is kinda wtf, but tbh the only men who didn't seem squeamish were Aamir and Arjun. They were pretty straightforward.

Masculinity is so fragile lol and the funniest thing is that women have no problem answering questions like this. It’s just like yeah, she’s hot! But ask a guy the same question and they feel so attacked, smh.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Alia is a better actress than Pari and more successful and popular, or has she just been luckier in the sense that she's had better film offers and a better mentor? For all my dislike for him I do think KJo is a better mentor than invisible Aditya Chopra :P

I don’t think she’s a better actress. I think Parineeti is more naturally talented. But I do think Alia is currently more successful. She has been extremely lucky, Karan is doing his best to make her fail-proof and the perception that she’s salable is all that really matters.

Aditya doesn’t seem like much of a mentor at all? He seems like someone who binds new talent to his production company, but gives them subpar projects. I don’t see him actively guiding his talent the way Karan is so obviously guiding Alia, Varun, and Sid.

imonlygonnabreakbreakurheart asked: hey i was rewatching season 1 of kwk with priety and AB and pretty mentioned problems with karishma kapoor. do u know what the problem was (tried googling but nothing turned up…). thanks xx

I’m not sure, Preity and Kareena didn’t get along so I just assumed that the awkwardness between Preity and Karisma was an offshoot of that. Where one goes, the other follows.

Shilpa Shetty on the media’s response to the Big Brother controversy

Anonymous asked: So ranveer and anuska will never make a movie together? :(

They’re…making a movie together right now…? lol

heathersblack asked: Ask in regards to something you wrote about DP and Aayan. How was he acting disingenuous towards her? Just wondering? I can see RK but maybe I missed Aayan?

(Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea what I said lol)

But the general perception is that Ayaan was a little patronizing towards Deepika during the making of/promotional tour for YJHD. I didn’t follow all the interviews, but from what I did see, he seemed to just be tolerating her. He’s a good friend of Katrina’s, I think he knew that bringing Deepika and Ranbir together would be a huge casting coup, but that doesn’t mean he genuinely likes/appreciates her.

It’s just an impression that a lot of people got during that time, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that Ranbir and Ayaan seemed to become a lot colder towards Deepika after the film released and they didn’t need her anymore.

sadiabellechill asked: Hello, i dont how everyone feels but i really wonder why Anushka became popular, beside of having a great body i dont think she has any talant! Even tho Alia isnt the hottest girl in bollywood, i saw Highway other day and she was very talanted.

I don’t think that’s necessarily fair. Anushka has shown limited range, but then again, she’s never been offered a film like Highway. Take Highway away from Alia, and do you really think her work is so superior to any other young actress’s?

The broader question is, why aren’t there more fleshed out female characters for actresses to play? It’s a lot easier to judge when there are plenty of films like Highway or Lootera to go around, but unfortunately there aren’t.

it-ll-liven-up-in-a-minute asked: What do you make of Deepika's recent response to the Times of India article on her cleavage? It's great that an A-lister like her is finally ackoweldging the sexist rubbish churned out by the Indian media in the name of 'journalism' is utterly vile, but there are cynics who think it's a coincidence that she tweeted her anger on the opening weekend of 'Finding Fanny', I mean I'm pretty sure even more degrading stuff has been written about her in the past, which didn't evoke such a response?

I think a good thing is a good thing, end of story. I don’t know why people are reading so much into it. Good for her for saying something tbh.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I asked the question about Kajol -- what I meant to ask is, why do you think these "strong" women continue to stay/defend their men. It doesn't make much sense to me. Kajol rubbishes any rumors of Ajay's infidelity, even though it's pretty much an accepted fact. Self-preservation or delusion? Even Jaya B said there was no affair and she would not have stayed had there been...which, like, come on...

It’s okay! I understand the confusion, and I used to think that way, too.

When I was younger, these things were so black and white. He cheats, you kick him to the curb. But I think the older you get, the closer to marriage and motherhood you get, you start to understand why people put up with the things they put up with. And then it’s complicated by the environment you’re in, where there’s temptation everywhere and you have people (men and women) literally throwing themselves at your significant other.

Some people just find it easier to look the other way. Some people think that as long as there’s emotional fidelity, physical infidelity isn’t a deal breaker. If you’d been married for a decade and had two kids and your choice was to turn a blind eye to it and keep your family intact, or leave and consequently break up your family…you might find that the decision is a lot more complicated than you thought it would be. All I’m saying is, I think in 10 or 20 years you might understand where these women are coming from.

And as for the public denials…celebrities lie all the time. And I personally can’t bring myself to care, because I don’t feel that that’s information we’re entitled to anyway.

Anonymous asked: do guys you ignore questions?

We try not to. It’s hard to get to everything, though. The exceptions being:

  • Questions that are repetitive.
  • Questions that are offensive. 
  • Questions that are completely off-topic.
  • Questions that pertain to our personal interests/preferences (granted, we don’t always ignore these but it’s getting to the point where it’d be more appropriate if they were directed to our personal blogs, which are listed on the sidebar).

I’m really sorry if it’s been a few weeks and your question hasn’t been answered, we’re doing the best we can! I hope you understand!

ilivetoloveforever asked: Hi! My question is do you think the casting couch will ever die down in Bollywood? It seems very prominent at the moment and I know that Hollywood's casting couch has died down over the years. I just get disturbed hearing stories that certain people in the industry got to where they are just because they slept with people and not even on a basis of talent. Thanks and keep up the great work! :)

The casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood, Bollywood, the fashion industry, and every other industry in the world. Hell, my mom works in a public school system and I know of teachers and administrators who received promotions due to who they were dating/sleeping with. Sex in exchange for personal benefit has been around for like, the entirety of human history. Apparently, we have not evolved all that much lol

People can sleep with whoever they want, but I think the real problem is exploitation and the abuse of power. No one should have so much power that they can make or break someone’s career based on whether or not that person will sleep with them. IF that’s the avenue that people choose, that’s their decision, but that shouldn’t be practically the only avenue open to them. So I think the best solution would ultimately be diluting the concentration of power that some people in Bollywood have.

But really, how is using someone you’re dating/sleeping with to get connections any different than using your family members? Either way, you’re not exactly getting to the top on pure talent. There’s a considerable amount of luck and networking involved in becoming successful, not just talent.

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you watched the AIB: Alia Bhatt- Genius of the Year video? If you have, what did you think of it? Do you think it served the purpose well?

If the purpose was to turn the negative publicity generated by her dumb comments into good publicity, then yeah, I think it served its purpose.

I’ve seen so many people commenting on that video going, “OMG I love her now!” Those were probably the same people who were like, “Wow, what a dumbass” after her KWK appearances. Voila, bad image to good image in like, less than 10 minutes!

Anonymous asked: What happend to Saif's Kareena tattoo ?

Still there!