Anonymous asked: How long have you both been running this page for ? And are you indian ?

*checks the archive* apparently this blog has been up since February 2012! So over two years!

And no, neither of us is Indian.

Anonymous asked: This is so sad but I can't wait for Jagga Jasoos promos to start like next year lol just so we get all those cute, chemistry-laden RanKat interviews- a girl can't keep watching those old ones from 2010! Your blog is awesome and I just wanted to send in something that was happy and not hating on some celebs lol. Hope you guys are well :)

Aw, anon. You’re a Rankat girl (…or boy?) living in a Deepveer world.

I hope the Jagga Jasoos promotions are everything you hope they’ll be! <3

Anonymous asked: Deepika's first film was not OSO it was a Kannada film called Aishwarya It was her first experience behind the camera. Like all other "southies" she threw that under the bus, washed her hands of where she came from, no acknowledgment I'm a south indian- and honestly there isn't anything to be ashamed of. yes, we're dark, and traditional & un-glamorous but we produce some of the most beautiful women in the industry, who in the process decide that we're not worth their name. Aishwarya and Asin FTW

I know! (Do you really think it’d escape my notice that DP did a film called “Aishwarya”? lol)

I get where you’re coming from, but I also think it depends on what kind of movie they debut in. Like, Aish debuted in a Tamil film, but it was a Mani Ratnam film. It was a prestigious project, she’d have no reason to wash her hands of that or pretend like it never happened (although to her credit, she seems really really proud of all the work she’s done outside the Hindi film industry). I don’t know who directed or produced “Aishwarya”, I don’t know what kind of theatrical release it received. So if it was a movie that no one noticed, I can sort of understand why Deepika would consider OSO her debut. 

But I think we can all agree that regional film industries are unfairly looked down on by Bollywood (especially considering how many South films Bollywood remakes every year???). Anyone who can work in different languages, especially languages that they’re not fluent in, should be applauded (so yes, Aishwarya and Asin ftw!). You would think people who worked in other regional industries and then moved to Bollywood would be eager to own up to the fact that they have the ability to work in several languages, but I guess it’s all about image and public perception :/

Anonymous asked: What celebrities do you know or think do drugs (most likely)?

Eeeps, that’s tricky. I mean there are obvious guesses, but drugs (especially prescription drugs) can affect pretty much anyone. I’m sure if all the facts were laid out on the table, we’d all be pretty shocked about who has done what.

I know Sanjay Dutt had a drug problem. Ranbir uses marijuana. Fardeen Khan was caught with drugs. There are strong rumors that Preity had a coke habit. Then there are the stories about Gauri Khan’s parties, where pills are basically passed around like party favors (for the record, she’s denied it, buuuut….). People have talked about Sussanne doing drugs with Mehr and Arjun Rampal. And I’m SURE there are a ton of people that aren’t addicts or anyone, but aren’t opposed to coke or pills during the occasional party/club outing. 

I mean go to any college in America (or anywhere else, really) and you’ll meet people who do drugs, sell drugs, exchange drugs. Any kind you can imagine. If normal kids are into that stuff, imagine what people with easy access and no consequences to their actions get into. Plus, they have a job where their schedules are hectic, they don’t get much sleep, they have to be “on” all the time…I’m sure there are at least a few people who use drugs just to keep themselves going.

I try not to judge lol

Anonymous asked: This is kinda random, but could you tell me something about how making of a song looks like? Like, how much is the director involved in thinking it up, do singers and then actors have a say in how it's written or picturised, who invents a set and a choreography to go well with it (again, is direction completely taken over by the choreographer?), how long it takes to rehearse it...? I can never gather much on this subject from all the behind the scenes materials :(

It probably differs from director to director, but I’ll tell you what I know. When I was in India, I was told that during the scripting process, there’s basically just a big hole in the script that says “Insert Song Here”. When you’re writing the story, you’re not thinking of the music, just the appropriate time to punctuate the narrative with a song (there are exceptions to this rule though, like SLB is extremely involved in composing his own music, especially for his last two films, so I’d imagine that’s a huge part of what he’s thinking about when he’s scripting his films).

And then I guess you would bring a composer on board, like AR Rahman or Vishal-Shekhar or whatever, and they would begin working on the music and working with the director to see which tracks work best for the film (like a song may be composed for one movie, but end up in another). And then you would hire a choreographer, like Farah Khan or Saroj Khan, and they would work on the picturization. Again, it’s a team effort, I think. You’d have to come up with some sort of cohesive vision between the choreographer and the director. Rehearsal time would depend on the actors. If you have someone who’s not a good dancer, it’s going to take them quite a bit of rehearsal time, but there are people who are trained dancers and can just come on set and pick up the choreography in a few minutes. It also depends on the intricacy of the choreography, like if you’re shooting something like Dola Re Dola with long takes, there’s hardly any room for error so everyone has to get it right. If you’re shooting a song like Mashallah, each take is only like a second long, so you’re not coordinating huge groups of dancers doing really intricate sequences. I’d say most songs take at least two or three days to film, but again, it depends on what it is?

I don’t think the singers have much say in anything. And the actors have a little bit of clout, but in general they’re not the ones calling the shots on what stays, what goes, what gets heavily promoted, etc. That’s all tied up in marketing, the music industry, what’s trending currently, and a lot of other stuff most actors probably aren’t qualified to make decisions on.

Anonymous asked: Do you guys think Bips breakup with John caused her career in Bollywood to have a downfall, while he kinda grew in Bollywood (if that makes sense)?

Hm, no! John doesn’t have that kind of industry clout (and I really don’t think he wishes her any ill will anyway?). Bipasha was never on track to have a huge career as a mainstream leading lady. I mean, she’s gorgeous, but she’s very much slotted as a sex symbol and now there are a bunch of new girls in the industry who can also fill those roles (Esha, Sunny, Tamannah, Nargis, etc.). So she’s trying to carve a niche for herself in the slightly-left-of-mainstream, campy horror Bhatt-esque genre. I don’t consider it a downfall necessarily, just a natural progression of where her career was headed anyway. She was never going to be on top.

John is also someone who hasn’t been perceived as super successful either, but he’s gotten lucky of late because he’s been producing films (like Vicky Donor), starring in sleeper hits (Shootout at Wadala), and just generally trying new things. It’s sort of like Arjun Rampal. They’re not going to be able to compete with the Khans and Hrithik and all the new chocolate boys in the industry, but they’re taking advantage of the fact that there’s a space that’s opened up between art cinema and big budget entertainers, like Madras Cafe and D-Day. I don’t know how well those roles pay, but it certainly gives them a little more credibility as far as their filmographies go.

whatsmilescantafford asked: If Bollywood was gonna make a real life remake of frozen for some reason, who would you want as the actors? Love your blog btw 😊

haha, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Mumbai or Goa or something completely buried in snow?

Deepika would play Elsa (in an ideal world, a younger Aish would play Elsa, but I’ll try to be realistic here). Sidharth would play Hans. Alia would play Anna. And Arjun Kapoor would play Kristoff.

And Salman Khan can play the reindeer lol

it-ll-liven-up-in-a-minute asked: Love the blog so much! How long do you honestly estimate Katrina will be at the top for?

I don’t think she’s at the top now? She’s slipped noticeably in the last few years. Obviously she’s still a huge name and she still gets big projects, but they’re such unsubstantial roles…

Anyway, I kind of get the feeling that after she gets married, she’ll taper off with the acting career. I know she’s a hard worker, but she’s obviously not passionate about the art of acting. I can see her being happy about being a kept woman, maybe taking up different tasks at her leisure, whatever.

Anonymous asked: I honestly dont understand what happened with deepika during yjhd promos. U mentioned it after sonams comment about dp pr team (which i understood) but idk bout the whole yjhd situation. Could u pretty please explain? :)

I can try!

The promotions for YJHD capitalized on the fact that Deepika and Ranbir used to date. Seeing them together again, all nice and friendly and cozy, was a huge draw. They gave a lot of interviews about how they’ll be friends forever and blah blah blah. Deepika especially talked a LOT about her equation with Ranbir (some of the things she said were a little inappropriate, like about how his future wife is just gonna have to deal with how close they are…stuff like that). But it was always a little off, the way Ayaan and Ranbir reacted toward her seemed disingenuous. Then, after the movie became a big hit, Ranbir went back to avoiding talking about Deepika publicly. I think he even said that he’d act opposite a 5-year-old boy if his director asked him to. It became really clear that it was all just BS used to sell the film, although it seemed like Deepika actually bought into it.

And now that they’re filming Tamasha, I’m sure the whole dog and pony show will begin all over again. Obviously they’re cordial enough to shoot together, but I would take anything else they say about each other with a truckload of salt.

Anonymous asked: Hey what do u think about Diana penty ? Like do u know why isn't she taking any more films up ?

She’s a beautiful girl, and she made a pretty good debut.

I read somewhere that supposedly she has some rich boyfriend who doesn’t want her to act, so she hasn’t really explored doing more films. Not sure how true that is, but it’s been two years and it doesn’t seem like her career is moving forward, so :/

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Anonymous asked: I read somewhere that said on breaks Parineeti and Alia weren't even acknowledging each other, and were giving each other cold vibes. They ultimately did not want to be on the show together, but since it was Karan, they both hesitantly agreed.

It’s possible, but I honestly don’t believe that. I mean, we know they were talking during breaks, because they were gossiping about Sonakshi and Shahid. If I recall correctly, they also talked about getting dressed and ready to come on the show together. Fakeness I can understand, but straight up inventing stories and conversations they supposedly just had? Meh, I don’t know about that. 

Anonymous asked: Do you think precedence is given to an actor's/actress's looks over their acting talent, in Bollywood? Do you see this changing in the future? Or audiences going to always be swayed by glamor?

Yes. With the exception of star kids who, a lot of the time, can get away with having average or unconventional looks. But now especially, they’re still expected to be groomed a certain way (thin, waxed, muscular, etc), so as usual the ~packaging~ is equally as important, if not even more important, than actual talent. 

I think there are two spaces. What would have been considered parallel cinema before is becoming mainstream, so there’s a set of actors who are appreciated for their talents first, and their appearance a distant second. They’re the Irrfans and Vidyas and Rajkummars of the world. But the real money is on the glamorous side of things, making films with mass appeal and very little actual content. Some actors will occasionally take on unconventional roles to stretch their acting muscles, but by and large, they know they don’t have to be good actors to be popular, they just have to appeal to audiences. Like, I don’t think anyone believes Katrina Kaif is a good actress, but people genuinely love her. If you have that X-factor (and yes, looks have a lot to do with it), you don’t have to be a good actor. There are plenty of good actors, but very few people have the potential to be movie stars.

I think glamor and movies go hand in hand. I wouldn’t necessarily want it any other way lol but until the audience starts rejecting flat-out bad acting and bad films, talent isn’t going to be the priority.